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PowerLOC Technologies Inc.
30 Leek Crescent, Suite 103
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 4N4
Telephone: 905 764 3701
Fax : 905 764 3680

Email: info@powerloc.com

Web Sites: http://www.powerloc.com and http://www.destinator1.com


Investor Relations Contact:
Selwyn Wener
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 905-764-3701 extension 229 E-mail: swener@powerloc.com




About PowerLOC
PowerLOC Technologies Inc. is a wholly-owned division of Paradigm Advanced Technology Inc. (OTCBB:PRAV). PowerLOC provides products and technologies that allow Location Service Providers (LSP®) to Locate, Track and Manage assets... anywhere, all the time.


From its Corporate head-offices in Richmond Hill Ontario, Canada, PowerLOC provides end-to-end technologies and solutions to its LSP® business partners and distributors who, in turn, provide Location-Based Services to their end-users.


PowerLOC offers its licensed LSPs® a complete spectrum of location solutions based on PowerLOC's proprietary L-Biz® architecture. This incorporates its low-cost wireless, GPS-enabled mobile devices, such as VLD (Vehicle Location Device), PLD (Personal Location Device), and ALD (Asset Location Device). It also includes its Destinator(TM) personal navigation units sold and distributed through PowerLOC Channel Partners.


Paradigm/PowerLOC employs more than 60 people globally.

For a description of PowerLOC's strategic technology partners, click here.


About Paradigm
Paradigm Advanced Technologies, is a leading provider of GPS-based location, navigation and asset tracking products and technology solutions. It is a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ bulletin board (OTCBB:PRAV).


Paradigm is focused on three distinct business models:


PowerLOC offers products and technology that enable service providers to LOCATE, TRACK, MANAGE and COMMUNICATE ... anywhere, all the time

PowerLOC products includes:

» Mobile Devices

» Server System - Tracker

» Client Application Software

» Personal Navigation Units Destinator(TM)

» Technology

Through its PowerLOC division, Paradigm designs and delivers products and technology that allow clients to locate, manage, track and communicate with assets anywhere, anytime.


Through continuous researching, developing and acquiring new technologies, PowerLOC has amassed an impressive line of proprietary products, patents and trademarks. PowerLOC has secured its industry-leading advantage with a portfolio of intellectual property that includes:

» GPS/Cellular U.S. Patent #B1 5043736

» Trademarks for L-Biz®, LSP®, Destinator(TM), L-Commerce

» L-Biz® Technology

» Destinator(TM) Technology

It is worthwhile to note that U.S. Patent #B1 5043736 is a broad-based wireless location patent covering the apparatus and method of transmitting position information from satellite navigational signals (such as GPS) over cellular systems to a base unit and displaying the location of that equipped object. Paradigm's rights cover all fields of use for the patented system (except for certain criminal justice applications). As described in a February 21, 2001 press release, the company is seeking to enforce all of its intellectual property rights relating to the patent. Paradigm has retained a high-profile attorney, David Boies of Boies, Schiller, & Flexner LLP, to vigorously enforce the company's rights under the patent. If the companies infringing on its patent rights have to pay a licensing fee to Paradigm, this legal action could result in a huge influx of longterm revenues for the company.


PowerLOC Products


L-Biz® Location Service Platform
PowerLOC's L-Biz® Tracker is a scalable and open architecture server system designed for Wireless Carriers and Location Service Providers (LSPs®) to allow them to offer location-based services (LBS) to their customers.

L-Biz® Tracker permits to Locate, Track and Manage assets such as vehicle and people, anywhere, all the time. L-Biz® Tracker is equipped to work, in parallel, with multiple carriers and with multiple wireless technologies.

Clients such as fleet dispatchers or otherwise, can benefit fromthe advanced Location Based Services (LBS) offered by the Tracker, via the Internet. The Tracker Server has been engineered and designed on the basis of an ASP model allowing our Location Service Providers (LSP®) to track, manage and communicate with multiple fleets simultaneously. Clients can manage and control their respective fleets from their desktops via the Internet.


-GPS Tracking Devices

PowerLOC Mobile Devices are portable wireless units that compute their exact location, velocity and acceleration and transmit, via wireless networks, to a PowerLOC Location Service Server also known as L-Biz® Tracker. PowerLOC offers three distinct line of Mobile Devices, referred collectively as xLD: - VLD(Verhicle Location Devices)

- PLD(Personal Location Devices) - ALD(Asset Location Devices).

All PowerLOC Mobile Devices integrate a Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver which pinpoints its exact location, speed and acceleration. As well, they include a wireless modem which facilitates communication between the Mobile Devices and our currently supported cellular networks which are GSM, AMPS, CELLEMETRY, CDPD, and MOBITEX as well as Satellite and private radio networks.

PowerLOC Mobile Devices or xLD are small, reliable and smart electronic units which has been designed to withstand the most rigid environment conditions. The xLD includes three main components: (1) GPS Receiver; (2) Wireless Modem and (3) Central Processing Unit.


All xLD are fully L-Biz® compliant units that features PowerLOC proprietary Quality of Service (or QoS), PowerLOC Smart PowerSave and several other proprietary PowerLOC technologies.

-L-Biz® Manager

PowerLOC Client Software is the application software designed to allow fleet dispatchers, response centers and other users to facilitate the management of a myriad of location based services. It allows anyone using our system to Locate, Track and Manage moving assets such as vehicles, people and others, anywhere, all the time.

Communicating with the Tracker via the Internet or Intranet, the Client Software can display the exact location, speed and acceleration of the assets along with the status of sensors or other devices which may be attached to the xLD. This same communication link allows the fleet dispatchers and the other users to send and receive text messages and to send commands to the xLD units.

PowerLOC offers two types of Client Software: Fleet-Manager and Fleet-Manager Lite. Fleet-Manager is fully featured "Fat Client" software application that can use maps resident on the Tracker server or maps stored locally at the desktop. The lite version of the same, is a browser application which exclusively uses maps stored on the Tracker server, available through the Internet.


-GPS Navigation Systems
DESTINATORTM is a full-featured personal GPS navigation system with capabilities that rival and, in many cases, exceed those found in luxury model cars. Destinator(TM) features high quality maps of North America and Europe provided by NAVTECH®. Destinator(TM) is not only capable of identifying the precise geographic location, it can also accurately position a user's location

on a high-resolution interactive rotating map. Destinator(TM) details the quickest or the shortest route to any chosendestination in a matter of seconds, even if the route is thousands of miles long. As an advanced navigation system, Destinator(TM) provides the user with real-time multi-lingual instructions and visual guidance throughout the trip. If a turn is missed, Destinator(TM) recalculates the route virtually instantaneously.

Destinator's(TM) proprietary compression technology puts vast amounts of map data, such as detailed street level maps of several states, onto a single Compact Flash memory card. Advanced data processing and navigation algorithms ensure that cumbersome calculations are performed seamlessly and effortlessly.

Destinator(TM) operates on the Compaq iPAQTM Pocket PCs or any MS-Win CE devices. Destinator(TM) currently offers maps of North America and Europe supplied by NAVTECH®. Additional maps of other geographic areas are being added on a regular basis. Destinator(TM) is the true car navigation system with features rivaling and surpassing those of permanently installed systems, at a fraction of the cost.

To review a list of FAQ's about the DESTINATORTM product, please click here.



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